Monday, February 11, 2013

Great Opportunity

Next month I am taking a trip with my friend straight to California. A week long trip starting March 9th and coming home to Albuquerque in time for school on Monday the 18th. Let me begin by noting that this is my very first "Spring Break Vacation" with school allowing me limited time to travel (or 'do whatever'), and taking advantage of that time in a big way. The friend I am planning this vacation with has been enrolled in classroom-settings since Kindergarten (1996) and is all too familiar with the schedule of "breaks" and "vacations" I am referring to– those allotted time frames of freedom are just the way the world of school functions and he knows to plan accordingly or watch the opportunity pass on by.

So here is the cool, special, exciting part: He has never seen the Pacific Ocean before!

Wow, reality check that I am a privileged desert kid who's been to California at least six times before (Disney Land three times) and seen the Pacific ocean every decade of my life to far.

I want to write a sentence about how special I think it is to get to be with a grown up, as a grown up, seeing something so massive and timeless with sweet specialness of never-before-experienced experiences being experienced, but actually I just don't have the words to express this. (that or I have already used the words like privileged, cool, exciting, first and opportunity, but there is something a bit deeper than that fluttering under the surface of me)

With much support from my parents, and confidence that Will and I are going to be great travelers together, I am deeply excited to drive straight to California.

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