Monday, May 24, 2010

Caterpillar nest in Hudson


I first walked right by this without noticing, but when it was pointed out I was so excited to step back and look! I'd only ever really seen nests like this high in trees with sunlight shining through. (in Coventry, Rhode Island June 2007 is the best memory I have of any) Kind of gross to think about, really pretty to see, but not much detail or evidence of life.

It was so IN YO FACE I'm still surprised I missed it the first time... And come to think of it, I guess I missed it walking by the other way, too!

The hats came from "beach night" at the bar the night before. That's Jess and Lily, totally local to Hudson, but willing to pose for my tourist-ish photo. :)


  1. eastern tent caterpillars...we have these all over our yard!

  2. Mrs. Carter had a big one in the elm tree in her front yard when you were little. Keith burned it down with a torch of some sort, I think. Gross.

    I liked getting to see one from the top, to see what they're doing, those caterpillars.