Thursday, November 26, 2009

A brilliant suggestion

The night before I left for England (this last Sunday) I was laying on my bed with my mom and talking about everything I had left to talk about. (not to exaggerate, but...)

She mentioned that she wanted me to blog while I'm away and I commented on how I hadn't posted anything during my visit home. She said that was okay. I said that I felt behind on blogging because there were things I meant to post but never had and that I just want people to see my pictures. THAT'S WHEN IT HAPPENED my mom suggested putting slide shows up when I had pictures (I mean artsy pictures) to share, and we kind of talked about how it's okay to not have captions and explain everything.

While I'm seeing the irony of that, since I'm here explaining so much, I'd like to post a couple groups of photos to catch up a bit and hopefully get in the swing so I can continue to take pictures through my stay in England and start sharing them as soon as they're worth it.

Enjoy or don't enjoy!

A flower and a mushroom taken on my birthday on the property Diana lives on
(and a candle to catch attention and distract at the same time):

Doodle tops (right?) from an afternoon with my mom:

And while I'm at it, here's a video of that:

(Mindlessly whistling The Beatles)

Also, photobucket is awesome!

Coming soon: Something more interesting, less interesting or just as interesting, but hopefully all of the above.


  1. Cool pictures!!! I really liked the dandelion shot that was back-lit with the sun, nice curved stem, very grand image.

    I like the mushrooms as a subject matter. You could do a lot with those.

    -- Rick

  2. I'ma gonna kick a 'shroom for you today! Maybe I'll even borrow Renee's boots to gitterdun :D