Monday, October 5, 2009

My room at Diana's house

With it's five windows it does get chilly in the mornings, and there's only one electrical outlet. But with a cozy bed (big blanket of Hayden's, little space heater of Diana's) and my dresser that Linda Hessel helped me shop for and transport when I first arrived (/Ongoing art project), it's a very comfortable space for me and my many things. <3

Tall door to Hayden's room - Shorter door to porch

From Hayden's room:

From the porch:

P.S. Something that is very hard to photograph, and very hard to explain without pictures; The door to my room and the door to the basement, and back(yard) door is there by the landing.

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  1. I like being able to picture where you are!

    Keith and I went out to eat. We were just pulling into the driveway when Marty called and asked if one of us could look in the back of his jeep and let him know whether a fencing doublet and heat gun were in there. I said just a minute and let us park. It was great timing! Earlier we had both been napping (Keith's getting sick, but not with the big flu), and then we were gone.